Since the summer is in full swing, it’s important to be mindful of what happens to our hair during the changing of seasons.

Our hair grows faster! It might seem odd to think about, but the sun makes everything grow, and as long as the hair is on your head, its like a plant. When you trim the hair, it’s like trimming your rose bushes to stimulate growth. When we have more sun in our lives, growth is being stimulated. Be willing to loose a little extra length to keep it healthy, and know, it’s gonna grow back fast!

More Damage can occur! Being in and out of the various bodies of water can compromise the hair and cause breakage if your not careful. When getting in a pool or ocean, wet the hair first. It’s like a sponge, the dry hair will absorb more of whatever your jumping into than wet hair. Use a detangling spray and wet brush when combing. Make sure your using topical oils on the ends to keep it from getting dry, and use a sun protectant to ensure your shielding it from those extra rays. (most leave ins, and creams used on wet ends will do the trick.)

Color will fade! Because the sun is stronger this time of year it is so important to know that it will fade. Even using a protectant, the heat will soften the hair and you will naturally loose some color. Go lighter on purpose and enjoy the change, or wash the hair less and make sure your using a color safe shampoo! 

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Happy holidays form the Bilancio team!