Ever wonder what happens when you and the stylist you work with “missed the mark”, and you didn’t get what you asked for? What happened? Did you talk everything through enough? Did they know what they were doing, or did they just do what they wanted?

It’s all in the consultation.

Whether you are seeing the stylist for the first time or 10 years, there should always be a good amount of time to talk about wants and what expectations are there to achieve the goal. And you should absolutely be on the same page about the plan for your appointment. And provided there are no limitations, communication here is how those expectations are set.

Having a clear understanding of what’s happening from both is how you are set for success. It’s really hard to do that when you don’t “jive” with that person.

Hair is an expression of our image. It’s the frame for our face and style. How we put ourselves out there, and even how we see others.

We don’t always acknowledge how intimate the relationship with our hairdresser is. Sometimes, we don’t even realize what they can do for us. But when you have a great stylist who gets you, and who you appreciate their craft/skill, and style; The team work amongst client and hair guru is magical.

Life is too short to not live your best hair, enjoy and value the stylist who gets you there.