Time for a new hair? What does that even mean?

We all look at different platforms for inspiration and want something that we see. But is it the girl, the clothes or the over all look? Could it be we just want a change?

I have clients come into the salon showing me a photo of a haircut or color that they already have. They explain about the direction they want to go in, and we talk about how it can be achieved. But what most can’t see, is that they already have it.

I can’t even keep count how often I get this!

I talk them through what they DO see, and try to get a better understanding of the need. More often than not, they just can’t see themselves objectively.

Some have a need for the dramatic “wow” factor, others’ are always picking themselves apart or are never satisfied.

If you have been working with an amazing hair artist, chances are, your hair is already wow, it just looses the effect the more normal, awesome becomes.

Why is that? I think we as women are constantly looking at things to improve, rather than things we already love. What if we sat in the mirror and picked out every beautiful piece and felt satisfied? Could we?

I challenge you. If you are someone who is always looking to improve, is there anything you would keep the same? Maybe you love your color, but want to change the cut. Or it’s time to go a little lighter, and your cut/style has been working for you. Do you get compliments?

Schedule an appointment today to come in and speak with our stylists about your new look or the one you currently have.

Sometimes the grass is not greener.