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Hair Extension Care: The Basics

You just got your beautiful new extensions, now what?? Let's protect your investment and give them a long life.

Our new clients pepper us with hair care questions right after their first install of NBR Hair Extensions. And we get it. You just made a big investment and you want to make sure that you can keep your hair extensions looking healthy and stretch the life of the hair, as long a possible.

We've got your back! The great news is, if you sit in our chair, we take the guess work out of it.

With each new extensions install, we'll provide you a gift box of necessary tools and products.

Taking the guess work out of it.

So, what are our top recommendations?

1. ISLES Formula Shampoo and Conditioner and serum is amazing for extension hair. It's super moisturizing and yet lightweight. You want to avoid any and all products with sulfates, parabens and alcohol because it will dry the extension hair out which leads to frizz and breakage and ultimately a shorter life of the extension hair.

While extension hair will absorb some of your natural oils, it won't get as much as it would if it were growing from your scalp. Which leads us to our next must have product.

2. ILES SERUM. Use a quarter size amount and work through your ends on both sides when your hair is wet. This will help protect your hair from heat styling and add moisture to the middle and ends of your extension hair.

3. Brush, brush, brush your hair!

We love the Sheila Stotts Brush and you'll receive one in your gift bag. It's great for detangling. Which is important for extension hair and long hair in general. Always make sure you hold your extensions where the rows meet the scalp for security and then brush from the ends working upward. This way you are not pulling any tangles into the mid section of the hair where they will tighten and knot up. This goes for any brushing, whether you have extensions or not.

Brush morning and night.

4. Oil your ends!

We love Oribe Gold Lust Oil. All you need is a drop in your palm. Rub your hands together and distribute it evenly through the mids and ends of your extensions and then run your brush through. this is a great pre-bedtime routine. Which brings us to our next recommendation...

5. Secure your hair for sleeping!

A silk or satin hair scrunchie is great for tying your hair back for friction-free sleeping.

When your extensions are new you can't throw them up in a top knot just yet, so we recommend doing some rope twists or braids. In about a week and a half you'll be able to do a high bun and secure it with your silky scrunchie. The silk/satin provides hold but won't add unneeded tension to your rows. We also love a satin pillow case. Traditional fabrics create friction that may frizz your strands while you sleep. But a silky soft pillow case will help keep your tresses stress free and protect your style. Best part? You can take it with you when you travel.

6. Wash your hair less

We know, we know. You've heard this on repeat but trust us. Most of our clients wash their hair once a week with little hacks to help you through the middle days.

Your extension hair actually benefits from the oils your hair produces and is naturally drier than your natural hair, so you don't want to dry them out by over-washing.

Hitting the gym? Wear hair in a high bun for gym. Blow dry sweaty roots. When you take it down, give it a brush and roll with whatever your hair wants to do, style wise. You can always retouch curls with the iron but you'll be surprised how well extensions hold a style.

Also, your natural hair is basically cradled between the extension hair and will be less oily than if you weren't wearing extensions and over time, your scalp will adjust to the new wash cycle.

In the meantime, a little dry shampoo (on your natural hair only) and you know we love a "Top Wash". Check out our last BLOG for everything you need to know about a top wash.

Commit to not washing and see what happens before running to the shower. We promise it's easier than you think and it will contribute to your natural hair's health and lengthen the life of your extensions.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions and if you're interested in NBR, click the button below!


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