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Tricks of the Trade: Washing Your Hair Weekly

How much time should I spend on my hair care routine?

Great Question!

Common misconception is that hair extensions are high maintenance. Well we are here to bust that myth.

Routine extension care comes down to strategy. Which in turn means less work and maintenance.

Typically, we extensionistas wash our hair once a week. You heard right! Once a week.

Go with us on this....

Let's say you wash you hair Sunday. You could choose to air dry or blow out. If you blow out, you wear it straight for the first day.

Usually the second day we'll add curls and those curls can last 1-2 days, if you sleep in braids or a bun.

Day 2 or 3 you may use some dry shampoo to push on through. Maybe not. It all depends on how oily your natural hair is.

If your curls are holding then you may just refresh them a bit or you can opt for a high bun or pony by day 4/5.

As you roll into the final days, depending on your oil production and work-out schedule, you can incorporate a hat, high bun or decorative hair accessories like a headband or scarf.

Wear braids or a bun to bed and brush and oil your mid shaft to ends daily to keep your extensions hair looking frizz free and healthy.

The Top Wash- A Busy Gal's Guide to Making your Hair Style Last All Week.

But what if I can't make it a full week? My Hair gets oily up top!

A TOP WASH is your best friend. A top wash is when you only wash the top most portion of your hair.

Sometimes called the mohawk section.

See this braided area? That's the portion you'll wash, including your bangs.

This is your natural hair that lies beyond your top most row of extensions. This is easily done at the bathroom sink. Just be careful to only shampoo and condition your natural hair and not your length by pulling your extensions back with a scrunchie.

If your rows get a little damp. Don't panic. Just make sure they are soap-free and dabb them dry. You can then blow dry your "mohawk" and style it. And now you're fresh and ready to tackle the rest of the week.

If there are any tips or tricks you'd like us to cover, simply DM us on Instagram or leave a comment on this post. We'd love to customize our tips and tricks for our amazing clients.

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