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Nina's got a Podcast!

A new podcast that talks about all things hair, beauty, business and personal empowerment? Sign me up!

We'd love to share a small preview with you from Episode 1, which will be released later this Month.

Episode 1: Something New. With Nina Pelfini. EXCERPT.

"Growing up, I had a very strong maternal Italian American influence. I was raised by Italian immigrants. My great grandmother, she came over here from Italy, an arranged marriage. 17, she was pregnant, barely knew her husband and her mom felt that it was more important to send her daughter to America to live out her dreams for her future generations than it was to be with her, her own kid. So, you know, that was something that was an undertone growing up. She came here, my great grandfather was a fisherman and my great grandmother was a seamstress. They knew no one, they didn't speak English, but they were determined to have a better life for themselves and give a better life to their Children and their children's Children. And so my grandmother was also a very big influence in my life.

And I was unfortunate to have lost her this last year.

This has been a really challenging time in my life because I don't think I even allowed myself to admit how big of a part of my life she truly was. I mean, consciously, I knew it, you know, whenever my parents would go on date night or they would go to parties we would always go to my grandparents house and, you know, she would take us shopping. She would take my girl cousins and I out in summer and we'd go to movies and we'd get our nails done and it was just such a fun time going and being at Nonnie's house and something I really will forever cherish. But really, she taught me so much more than that. You know, she was an artist. She was somebody who really took pride in what she did. And she really wanted to show us by example, how to be an amazing wife, an amazing mother.

She always pushed the envelope on being a mom and being a wife and she wasn't, you know, so stuck on doing everything perfectly. She was more motivated and driven to show us that you could have and do and be anything you wanted to be. And that was something that I felt like was a really great example for me to have as a woman, especially now because I have a daughter of my own. And I want to show her all those same qualities and values that I was given as a kid. So, growing up with this amazing woman leadership really did shape me to be who I am.

So here I am, I am a salon owner. I've been doing hair for 20 years and over the years, I mean, I didn't even know I wanted to be a hairdresser back when I started, I really just loved hair and fashion. And my grandma, you know, she always wore the most beautiful outfits and her hair and her makeup was always perfect and she was always so put together and she just looked like this beacon of light and hope and I just admired how she showed up when she went to the grocery store.

So, you know, it's kind of a mind shift when you think about that. It's not "look at me", it's "how do I feel?" and for me when I have my hair done and my makeup is done, I feel my best. I show up differently. I show up like I am ready to take on the world. I feel strong, I feel powerful. I feel like nothing can get in my way. And that is something that I wish other women could feel not everybody does.

I mean, do you always feel that way? Is that something that you wish you felt? I can tell you the amount of women that have sat in my chair that didn't always feel that way and it truly hurts my heart that they've lived 20...30... 40 years without feeling what it's like to be in their power and to go out into the world feeling and looking their best. It doesn't come naturally to everybody.

I genuinely want every woman to win and to feel like they are living their best life and that if they're not, there's a way and an answer to get there and I may not know everything and I have only been doing hair for 20 years. But what I've learned in those 20 years is how to connect with women and collaborate with them about what they want to showcase on the outside. Then to allow them to leave my chair and for them to know that I'm rooting for them because I truly feel like that is one of the most valuable things to have when you walk out into the world. "


Welcome to Hype Girl Podcast. A place to come to get inspired, feel empowered and know that there's someone out there who truly does want you to feel your best! Nina, will be talking hair, beauty, business and personal empowerment in a weekly episode.

Give the pod a follow on instagram @hypegirl.podcast

And we'll announce shortly when to expect the first episode drop and where you can listen!



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