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5 things your stylist wants to know before your color appointment

Updated: Jun 2

Here at Salon Bilancio, we want to make sure we are sending you out the door with a color you absolutely love. And it all comes down to communication. We work with the exclusive AVEDA color line, which is the most customizable color line on the market. As AVEDA trained colorists, we are very meticulous about the nuances in your color. But here's where you come in and how we can help you have an amazing consultation with your hairdresser.

1. Bring an inspiration photo

Your idea of blonde balayage could be drastically different from your stylist’s. Same with a chocolate brown. If you say "chocolate brown" to 5 different colorists, you're going to get an array of options. AND they are ALL chocolate brown. So, to avoid disappointment and miscommunication, we always suggest bringing in an inspo photo. Even if you have been with your stylist for years. A picture is worth a thousand words and where words can be misinterpreted, a photo rarely is. Not when it comes to hair color. Take it s a step further and try to describe what you like about the photos. Is it the contrast in the high and lowlights, is it the copper undertone. Be as descriptive as possible.From there, your stylist will use their expertise to determine the best way to get the result you’re looking for.

2. Have realistic expectations

It takes time and patience to craft gorgeously colored hair. So, before you book your next color appointment, be realistic about results that your colorist can achieve during your session. Going from black to blonde can take up to 3-5 sessions to get the results you want. Even with balayage. If you are starting with brown hair, it may take 3 applications to even start to see a light blonde. Even though your stylist wants to give you the best color possible, they also want to give you the safest color possible. Healthy haircoloring is all about progression and maintaining the integrity of the hair. Trust. Your. Stylist.

3.Commit to the Upkeep

Once your stylist has created a beautiful haircolor, it’s your responsibility to maintain it.

During your consultation, you should discuss your lifestyle, schedule, how often you're willing to come into the salon for subsequent color appointments. Some colors are more high maintenance than others and you should know what to expect from the commitment you are making. This way you can work your next appointment into your schedule and budget.

Your stylist will also recommend products. This part can often make clients squirm because they feel that their stylist is just trying to make a product sale, but if you just invested in a high maintenance blonde, you may want to consider the products that your stylist swears by.

4. Your lifestyle should influence your hair color decisions

As we mentioned above- with vivid haircolor comes vivid responsibility. Brighter tones such as silvers, reds, and ashy tones tend for fade more quickly due to their vibrancy. This means that in order to maintain that bold color you have to book regular appointments with your stylist to touch things up. If you find that this is too much commitment for your lifestyle, then you may want to rethink your color choice. Your stylist will be able to guide you to a suitable compromise.

5. Remember, Don't Panic!

So you're not feeling your new color, huh? Take a breath and ask yourself a few questions before you let panic take over.

  • How close is it to the inspo photo your brought in?

  • Is it possible that your stylist did a great job but you're just in shock?

  • Or is the color in fact not what you had discussed

  • Is it possible that your hair just didn't accept the color process as expected? (This can sometimes happen with pregnant women or clients who have resistant strands)

It's always difficult to tell your stylist you're not happy with your color. But we urge you to push past the uncomfortable feelings and talk about it. Most people never give their stylist the chance to adjust the color. They either reach for box dye or run to another stylist and pay tons of money all over again.

Unless you had a really terrible experience with a salon or colorist, we highly recommend always letting your stylists know if you're not satisfied.

Pssst, here's the big secret- we want you to be happy and the solution could be much simpler than you realize. I know, you already spent 3 hours in the chair and you're resistant to going back, but we promise, that box dye is only gonna make the problem bigger.

We hope this was helpful and please reach out to us with any questions you have or any blog topics you'd like us to discuss.


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