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Hot New Kitsch Products for Hair Extensions

We thrilled to announce that we have a brand new line of extension and self-care products on the Salon Bilancio shelves. We’ve been preaching the hair gospel on some of these items forever and now we actual have them in-house for your convenience. Introducing our /KIT.SCH/ line up!

A thoughtfully curated collection for our clients to support healthy hair extensions AND a little extra self love.

Satin Pillow Cases help tame frizz & reduce breakage by creating less friction. It also helps your skin by reducing breakouts and by absorbing less moisture and dirt and helps to prevent facial creases from sleeping. Plus it stays cool all night. So if you’re worried about scalp, sweat..worry no more.

Towel Scrunchies help reduce heat drying time by absorbing moisture. They also help tame frizz & reduce hair breakage. Perfect for wet hair on the go – gym, hot yoga, beach & swimming pool.

Silk scrunchies- The holy grail of sleeping with Hair Extensions. The satin construction won't crimp or agitate your extensions while you sleep, allowing you to wake up frizz-free and ready to take on the day! Literally every stylist in the salon has a pack of these.

Heatless Curling Set. You’ve seen us feature it on our instagram @salonbilancio and now you can try it for yourself. If you’re looking to take a step back from heat styling, this is your answer. You simply wrap your extensions around the soft silky rod and secure with the silk scrunchies provided. Catch some zzz’s and wake up with beautiful, frizz free waves.

Shower Cap. This is a no-brainer for those days where your skipping the hair wash. Plus it's adorable and stylish. You can wear it out of the shower and feel more like a 1950's starlet than your granny.

In addition to that amazing collection we also have the Kitsch Body Brush. This luxurious Exfoliating Body Dry Brush is the secret for revealing glowing, radiant skin from head to toe. Unlike traditional dry brushes, this body brush features super-soft, perfectly dense vegan bristles to thoroughly exfoliate while still being gentle on sensitive skin—no harsh scratching, just an invigorating massage! Bring the spa home with this energizing pre-shower ritual that will restore and soften your skin.

We are proud to be offering this line which prides itself in Vegan, Sustainable and Women Owned.

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Bio Ionic Curling Iron for Hair Extensions

It's literally the only curling iron we use in the salon. We carry two sizes of the Bio-Ionic curling iron.

We love this heat tool because for NBR Extension wearers the extended length barrel quickly creates loose, modern curls and waves and makes it easier to style long hair.

Now let's talk hot tools and curls.

Not all irons are the same.

The bigger the iron, the more volume your will get, also less wave or curl.

For my beach-y curls that last for days, I use a 1 inch barrel, and twist as I unravel. This makes a smaller, rope pattern to the hair, and what you see in all my photos. When you go in with a bigger iron, like the 1.5 inch, you are going to get a big, voluminous curl.

Note: If you feel like your style is clumping, alternate your curl going in a different direction behind the ear and toward the back. Each section switch until you reach the back. That way when your brush out tour curls can’t clump.😘

Keep an eye out on our Instagram Page for Video Tutorials!


Why Iles Formula is our #1 Product of choice for our NBR Extension Clients

Hair extensions tend to be drier than your natural hair and need extra nourishing and protection from the color processing and environment that your scalp does not naturally provide to it. That’s where ILES comes in. Their shampoo and conditioner is specifically designed to deeply penetrate your extensions to deliver unparalleled moisture to thirsty strands. It also increases pliability, helping your hair withstand breakage. The result is smoothed strands and weightless volume for that full, bouncy finish. The finishing serum provides protection again heat-styling, UV rays, color fading, humidity and a flawless finish. All without weighing down your tresses.

Still on the fence? We have a mini set to give you a chance to try them all.

Stop on by.

Salon Bilancio

1414 Fourth Street

San Rafael, Salifornia


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