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How many colors make for a great blonde?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

When I am trying to create an amazing blonde, I consider 3 things. 1. What colors would look best with the guests’ skin tone, 2. What colors do they want to be, 3. What colors they currently have. There can be 4 different tones in one head, and blending them seamlessly will creating dimension and movement. If there isn’t contrast of colors and tones, the blonde can look flat and lifeless. There is so much thought that goes into the perfect blonde.

At Bilancio, we specialize in Blondes. There are so many ways to achieve a good blonde, and so many details to be aware of to ensure the health of the hair. By adding extensions, we can protect the natural hair while creating the best outcome without damage to the natural hair.

Elevate your beauty game with NBR hair extensions and experience the ultimate complement to you, and give you a big confidence boost. Apply today and get ready to look and feel your absolute best!

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