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Mastering Hair and Empowering Women

Our fearless leader and owner of Salon Bilancio, Nina, sat down with the creator of the NBR Extension method, Danielle K. White, to discuss salon life and our dedication to elevating client's lives.

The episode begins with Nina’s journey within her career as a hairstylist, her aspiration to go beyond the boundaries of hair styling through the NBR Academy, and her commitment to uplifting and empowering other women. 

With a mastery of over two decades, Nina shared her epiphany of conquering the artistry of hair and feeling a magnetic pull toward new challenges.

While she loves the art of hair, she desires to create a lasting impact and empower others to know that they are capable of their dreams and doing something new that maybe make her palms a little sweaty!

Throughout their conversation, Nina highlighted the importance of women supporting and empowering one another.

I mean, can’t we all be like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé?

Nina shared stories of times when people judged her and had certain expectations because of society’s “rules.”

These judgments used to hold her back from reaching her full potential and living her life by her design, and now she’s stepped into her power and knows she can help other women do the same.

Nina believes women need a safe space to shine, free from judgment and negativity. Within her salon, she provides guidance, feedback, and an encouraging environment, helping hairstylists conquer fears and advance in their lives and careers.

Truly breaking the mold of what it means to be a hairstylist and the typical salon environment.

Beyond the salon, Nina’s guidance extends to coaching and mentoring, where she aims to impact others by offering support in navigating personal and professional challenges.

Encouraged by Danielle to venture into coaching, Nina was reassured of her natural gift for guiding and empowering others. Starting small and gradually expanding her reach is seen as the linchpin to her success. With a few one-on-one clients, Nina has the potential to make a substantial impact on women seeking guidance and support. The best part is that she can do it all while still working behind the chair as an NBR Artist!

Nina’s journey stands as a testament to embracing change and the importance of empowering women in personal and professional growth. Her evolution from a renowned hairstylist to a prospective coach underscores the importance of recognizing the signs to explore new horizons and make an impact.

Nina’s journey to empower women is what NBR Education is all about! 

Individuals like Nina, who provide feedback, guidance, and empowerment, contribute to creating a community where women survive and thrive, radiating their brilliance.

We are so happy to call her part of the NBR Tribe and create a space where everyone can show off their brilliance without competition.

Inspired by the NBR Tribe? Start your NBR Journey Today!

Discover the power of NBR® Extensions and unleash your confidence. Don't just dream of amazing hair – make it your reality! NBR artists are dedicated to being a supportive community that celebrates individuality and empowers you through breathtaking transformations.


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