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3 Tips to washing your extensions:

We at Bilancio Recommend washing your extensions 1-2x a week depending on natural oils in the hair.

Tip #1 - Use a cleansing shampoo like Oribe Cleanse or R&Co Lost Treasure ACV wash to remove build up in between your Row/s. Then Shampoo “regularly“ (we recommend Iles Formula) once through. The cleansing wash will help with oil, while the second was will really clean the hair and scalp.

Tip #2 - Rinse out all the product more than you think. There are several pieces of hair stitched together where soap can get caught, so rinse, rinse, RINSE! If you aren’t able to get rid of all that soap, your hair can feel gunky after all that effort!

Tip #3 - Alternate using a mask when washing. We suggest Iles Formula between the shampoo and conditioner, every 3rd time you wash. This will keep the extension hair healthy and moisturized ensuring the longevity of the hair.

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