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Midsummer Newsletter (July/August)

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful warm weather and sunshine.

Just a reminder to check out our summer hair care tips in our June Newsletter.

We have important news to share!

New Salon Phone Number


This is now the only phone number to reach us at the salon.

If you previously had the number ending in 8207, please delete it from your address books.

Apologies for any inconvenience. We hadn't anticipated this change happening so soon but the phone company made the switch today so we wanted to get the news out as quickly as possible


Welcome Jack Joseph Cerruti!!

Congratulations to our very own Abby who gave birth to Baby Jack on July 2nd 2023.

He came a few days early and they are overjoyed. For now they are enjoying the new baby and Abby plans to be back 3 days a week in September.


Protect Your Extensions from your Suncreen!

To our extensions wearers- Make sure you aren’t using any sunscreen that has Avobenzone in it because there is a chemical reaction that can damage your extension hair. This will result in needing to purchase new hair before it' s time.

If you are in and out of the water more, make sure to brush and oil your hair to keep it from getting dry.

Protect your investment!



When the heat hits, all you want to do is get your hair off your neck!

Give this a try and let us know how it goes....

Looking forward to hearing about all your summer travels

when you visit us next!

See you soon.

~The Salon Bilancio Team

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